Twitter Is Stealing Your Password


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Twitter isn’t really stealing your password, but someone acting like twitter is trying to.

Yesterday many twitter users were sent DM’s claiming a picture of them was found on a specific website.  When the user clicked the link it took them to a page that looked identical to the Twitter login screen.

Anyone entering their username and password into that login screen were literally giving their login credentials away.

Here is a screen capture of the login phishing site made to resemble Twitter:

Twitter Phishing Scam

If you’ll notice in the address bar of the website in question the url isn’t from twitter at all.  Anyone not paying attention to this would be caught unexpectedly.

Twitter Phishing Scam Address

From what I can tell, many others have already reported the website as false and a web forgery notice has been put in it’s place.

What lesson have we learned from this?  Before you log into any website, make sure that url in the address bar is the correct one.

Did you get sent the mysterious dm’s on twitter?

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  • Reply » Peter Wallhead January 4, 2009

    Wouldn’t it be kind of obvious that you were on a scamming website if you clicked on a link for a blog only to be taken to “twitter”?

    I think this should appear a little suspect to anyone that uses the net on a constant basis, but I suppose some people may still be sucked in by it.

    What’s that old saying? Oh yeah; “if it looks too good to be true…”

  • Reply » Steven-Sanders January 4, 2009

    Many people do still fall for it.

  • Reply » Dee Langdon - BloggerNewbie January 4, 2009

    does anyone know what the scammers were going to do with our top secret twitter accounts? I am trying to think of anything useful other than talking to all of our friends??

    Dee Langdon – BloggerNewbies last blog post..EntreCard – Yes, No or Maybe?

  • Reply » Gloson January 4, 2009

    I received exactly the same DM. When I clicked on it, Google Chrome, the browser I’m using told me the site was a phishing site. Chrome FTW!

    Glosons last blog post..Cute and Funny Cats: 6

  • Reply » Evan January 4, 2009

    I got several of these DMs. Thankfully, I was confused enough by the fact that the link in the DM took me to the “Twitter log-in” page, that I checked the address bar and realized it wasn’t the real deal. Common sense prevails again!

  • [...] Twitter Is Stealing Your Password [...]

  • Reply » Tom January 4, 2009

    There is also another direct message that is being sent. If you get a direct message that says “Check out this funny blog about you” don’t click the link. It’s a blogspot page that looks like a twitter or facebook login.

    Here is a screen shot from my DM’s to show you.

    I also think that whoever signed in under the phishing site is spreading the link. Twitter took action and reset everyone’s password. So if you can’t log into Twitter you should check your email to see if you received an email from Twitter and reset your password.

    Toms last blog post..Social Networking – What it can do for you?

  • Reply » Steven-Sanders January 4, 2009

    Thanks for the update Tom.

  • Reply » AverageGal January 4, 2009

    Thanks for the heads up Steven. I’m going to throw a heads up on my blog as well; I’ll be sure to give you credit :).

    AverageGals last blog post..Weekend WrapUp – Week of Dec 29th

  • Reply » Make Money January 5, 2009

    Very nice.

    Make Moneys last blog post..Money Making Hobbies: Earning Money While Having Fun

  • Reply » Laura-Whateverebay January 5, 2009

    to much time on their hands. I wonder if they got Sarah Palin’s Twitter account already! lol Thanks for the info. It would be a good idea for everyone to always have several sets of passwords. Scary what they can access or try to access with one.

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