Passion vs. Demand When Choosing A Blog Topic

by Steven-Sanders

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Choosing a Blog TopicThere are literally 2-3 new blogs being created every second. Everywhere you turn you are hearing about a blog, whether it’s a personal blog, a group blog, or a business blog.

So why, if there are so many blogs on the internet, do we only hear about a small group of them being very succesful?

Because most bloggers who are interested in being successful or making a ton of money with their blogs, aren’t doing it right.

Reading Between The Lines

Many of those blogger’s who are successful are giving everyone the same answer when asked what is the best topic to blog about.  I even catch myself doing it over and over again, without thinking.

The answer is correct, but it’s not a full explanation of what we really mean.

Like the many religious views that are taken out of context, rather than seeing the big picture, just as many bloggers are taking the “blog about your passion” answer out of context.

Do I think it’s on purpose?  Absolutely not.  It’s a mere ignorance of the real meaning.  And I think those of us who are successful at blogging should start explaining ourselves in better detail when we answer a question of such importance.

Find The Demand

The best thing I can say to you before choosing a blog topic, is to forget about your passion!  I know, you’re probably thinking I’ve gone and lost my mind, but just hear me out.

There are other steps you need to take before choosing what you’re passionate about, and demand is the first.

Is there a demand?

Just like in any business, if what you supply isn’t what the consumers demand, you will not succeed.

Blogging isn’t any different.  So when choosing a topic make sure there is a demand for the information you’re giving.  The topic doesn’t have to have the highest demand.  There are millions of internet users on the web each day and even a demand from a small percentage of them can yield great results.

Is the demand shrinking or growing?

If the demand for a specific topic is on it’s way out, then you probably shouldn’t choose that particular topic either.

The best way to go around this stumbling block is to blog about something that is timeless.  If you are blogging to make money or be successful, then you probably plan on blogging for many years.  If you choose a fad topic that will be gone by next summer, then your long term plan will fail.

If you’re interested in blogging about fads, then create a blog about fads as a big picture.  Don’t focus on one specific fad, but on all fads, as they come and go.

Much like the stock market, if you can predict the next big thing that everyone will be searching for, then you will be a winner.

Overcome Over-Saturation

I often find that new bloggers like to choose a topic that covers something a large majority of bloggers already cover.  They’re thinking is that if “what’s his name” is making money on that topic, then I can too.

That is the wrong way of thinking when you’re choosing a topic, and more often than not the chosen topic was one that was already over-saturated.

Over-saturation of the market for a particular topic actually means there is less demand.  Not physically, as in lower numbers, but mentally, as in “I’m not looking somewhere else when I can find it here”.

Think about where you go when you’re interested in buying a specific book online.  You’re first thought was probably Amazon.  Would it make sense to start an online book store when there is already a huge contender in the market?

When looking for something online that is in the niche of a particularly famous blogger, or a group of bloggers that have already super-saturated the market, most internet users no longer use Google to search for that particular topic.  They know the website address and will type it instead.

If you’re stubborn and you still want to blog about an over-saturated topic, then try to find something not covered within that topic and blog about it.  This is called creating a “sub-niche”.  Many bloggers have become successful in an over-saturated market by focusing on a specific point that no one was covering.

Create A Monetization Strategy

In a nutshell, the problem of monetization simply means, if you cannot monetize your particular topic and your end goals are to make money, then you should probably choose another topic.

So before you begin your blog, choose two or three topics you’re interested in, do your research and find any and all ways to monetize that topic, compare the two or three topics, then decide which ones offer the better payouts and monetization sources.

Choose Your Topic

Now that I’ve utterly confused you about the topic you should choose for your blog, it’s time to take your first steps:

  1. Generate a massive list of topics that have a high demand.  I’d try to list at least 100 or more of them.
  2. Mark out all topics that are over-saturated, unless you can narrow it down to a specific area that isn’t being covered.
  3. Research the various methods of monetization each topic remaining has, and cross out the ones that offer little to no monetization.
  4. Of the remaining topics, find two or three you’re really passionate about and write them on piece of paper to stash away somewhere.
  5. Choose one of those topics and begin your blog.

The other topics you chose that you were passionate about are your backup topics should you realize later that you may not have been as interested as you thought.

Remember not everyone can be successful blogging, but taking the right approach and using the right steps, anyone can increase their chances for success.

How did you choose your blog topic?

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Leave a Comment »22 Comments
  • Reply » Ben Pei December 27, 2008

    Yup so much to learn about supply and demand. Most people don’t realise that and start banging on things which has high demand and starting to realise that competition is too tough.

    I suggest starting on smaller stuff first and work until you get a good grasp of the matter then proceed on.

    Ben Peis last blog post..Big List Of Social Bookmarks

  • Reply » WD Favour December 27, 2008

    I think this is a relevant post, and timely too as it’s time to move into a new year. Most people will be thinking right now about strategies, effectiveness, efficiency, re-focusing, and so on.
    In my opinion, this post is particularly relevant for those who want to monetize their blog and what Steve is saying here is absolutely correct.
    I’ll add that, in my case, I had to choose niche that I particularly feel competent and passionate about, something that I can fairly compete with regardless of who’s on board. I’m able to write on not so ‘hot’ topic because monetizing the blog is not my primary purpose. I do make money from the ads there, but it’s not my primary source of income…I have other and far more richer offline streams.
    I however noticed that there’s a significant increase in my search engine traffic now, and from referrers. On the long run, don’t sacrifice competence and passion. The long term ‘content-is-king’ strategy is still unbeatable.
    Thanks Steve, and Merry Christmas to you and Boss and the rest of the family!!

    WD Favours last blog post..The Easy Way To Abundance and Wealth

  • [...] Passion Vs. Demand When Choosing a Blog Topic – by Steven Sanders If you’re looking to start a new blog or simply branch out and add another blog to your current portfolio, then here’s a good article when trying to decide on a blog focus.  Steven give some good detail and simple steps to follow that will help insure your success! [...]

  • Reply » webdesi3 December 29, 2008

    For WDS I tend to blog about something I’ve learned that week myself, For example, I learned how to put snow on my Blog last week so I blogged about how to do it, When I first started out I Blogged about starting a blog, I know lots and lots of people do the same, so I try to make mine different and show examples. It works, I’m not looking for huge traffic, in fact, I use my blog as a kinda online journal or notebook for HTML and CSS, if I can’t remember something in work, I’ll check my blog and all my instructions are there.

  • Reply » James Howard January 15, 2010

    Hey Steven,

    Excellent, I have never even thought about trying to find a sub-niche in an over saturated market, just tnd to see it as too busy and more on to find another market that hasn’t been filled.



  • Reply » Leif February 20, 2010

    Amazing article I truly agree with bathroom mirrors, there should be passion is all work we do, we should do the things with passion. Work done by passion always comes up. It you have passion for blogging then the blog which you write will always be much better.

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