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11 Safety tips for seniors

As we have seen, fall-related injuries can be mortal for seniors. Once we have identified what can cause them, we should know how to prevent them. There are certain actions we can take in order to prevent accidents and things we should take into consideration if we want to be safe anytime, no matter where we are, because falling is not the only thing that is dangerous. Today we will share with you 11 safety tips for seniors so you can be safe all the time.

  1. Use a walking stick. If you have trouble with balance or stability while walking by yourself, if you find yourself holding on to furniture to avoid falling while walking or if it is hard for you to walk up and/or down the stairs, you should probably consider using a walking stick.
  2. Do not walk over icy or wet surfaces. This can be difficult during winter, but try to avoid as much as you can walking over icy or wet floor, especially if you are walking alone.
  3. Check your home before leaving. If you are going out and you are leaving you house alone, remember to check before leaving. Do not leave your kitchen or oven on; make sure there are no candles burning as well as the fireplace. Also, do not leave your dryer running and disconnect things like chargers or your iron.
  4. Avoid driving at night and have your car served periodically. If you own a car, this is a very important safety tip for seniors. Avoid driving during the nighttime, and if you have to, avoid doing it alone. Also, make sure to have your car served periodically so everything works correctly. And do not forget to use the seat belt! Remember this will not only protect you on the road, but others too.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings. When you are outside, try to be aware of what is happening around you. Avoid napping during bus or taxi rides and keep an eye on your belongings.
  6. Be careful with strangers. Although most people in the street are very helpful and kind with the elderly, some of them may try to take advantage of you. Do not accept help from strangers at ATMs, do not share personal information with them and do not let them go into your house.
  7. Avoid going out alone during the night. If you are going out at night, ask someone to go with you, maybe a friend or family member. This way you will be safer.
  8. Be careful with food. Remember to check expiration dates of foods before consuming them. Wash your hands before cooking and clean vegetables or fruits that you are going to consume. Also, cook well meats, chicken and pork, and remember to avoid the foods your doctor tells you or the ones that can interact with any medication you are taking.
  9. Be aware of scam artists. Seniors are a frequent target of scam artists, so be careful on the street when people approach you and avoid giving personal information, like bank accounts or your social security number, through the phone or by email.
  10. Check your bank accounts. Try to check your bank accounts and credit reports regularly. Look for any suspicious transactions or mistakes and contact your bank if you found an error or if you think someone else is using your accounts.
  11. Be careful with the medicines you are taking. This one is an important safety tip for seniors because they usually take multiple medications. Do not forget to take your medications as your doctor indicates. Take medicine in the exact amount and on the same schedule as prescribed, do not take more or less than that. Ask your doctor any doubt you have and inform him if you are taking any other medicine, in case there could be an interaction. Avoid consuming alcohol unless your doctor says it’s okay.

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Benefits of Medicare Insurance Plans

In a very smart move, private health insurance companies introduced various Medicare insurance programs for old and physically disabled people. These 14 different programs are beneficial for citizens as they provide them with the financial help related to health problems. If you are 65 years old and/or physically disabled then there is no need to worry as the Medicare insurance plans are designed in a manner to take care of all your medical needs. You can use these plans to feel comfortable by covering your health-related issues with Medicare plans.

A real life incident, that relates to the benefits of Medicare insurance. An old man who lived alone suffered from asthma. His bad health made him tensed about his financial stability. He had to spend all of his savings on regular visits to the specialist and on regular drugs. One day his doctor told him about the various Medigap Insurance plans and the supplement plans. Hearing about the services offered by Medigap certainly made him feel relaxed.

He then visited a Medigap Plans website and contacted an agent in his locality; with the help of an agent, he bought the most suitable Medicare insurance plan. The benefits provided helped him with spending only 15% of the total cost he spent before he was insured.

It made him relax as now he does not need to bother about finances before visiting for regular quality medical assistance. The best thing about such plans is that it asked him to pay a very negligible amount for regular medicines. He enjoyed the benefits for low premium as well as low out of pocket cost.

Now he is quite a happy man and is getting all the Insurance plan benefits. He motivated some of his other friends going through the same situation to sign up for the Medicare benefit plans and they also felt the difference after buying a plan.

So if you are 65 years old or you are suffering from some physical disability, without wasting any time just go to your doctor or visit some Medicare insurance agent and make the best use of all the benefits of these Medicare insurance plans.



Forging-Up Salubrious and Prosperous Livelihood with Medicare Advantage Plans as the Substratum

The health insurance is the mandatory part of the people investment today. The insurance companies introduce various plans to cover each health issues relative to various age and condition of the human body. This is because the people today have the minor focus on their body because of their responsibilities and lack of time. At a particular age, this results in a very serious effect in any manner. Not only these atmosphere and other external calamities too affect the body not only of adults but of children in a serious manner.

Thus the Medicare advantage plans help to deal with the situation affecting the financial stability because of health relative problems. People get the proper cover which makes the treatment and other essentials easy to maintain without compromising the other daily routines. Along with the strict rules are regulations the plan provides the complete support to the family with the patient.

The United States government ensures the citizens to get Medicare advantage plans for the welfare and fast betterment of the patient. The plans here are quite supportive and have the fast and regular updating procedure as per the patient requirements. People having these plans experience the minimum stress level and complete financial support with the coverage of maximum credits in which the treatment of is involved.

Coverage of the Medicare advantage plans:

There are many assumptions about the coverage of Medicare advantage plans. This is because there are many parts of the plan which are revised in a particular time interval. The people feel a bit difficult to understand the coverage criteria of each part. The coverage in each part of these plans is as per the review of the requirement of patients and their families. The coverage includes the major to minor surgeries of the patients.

The surgeries do not include any dental surgery and surgeries relative to vision. The patient’s hospital stay and all the expenses during the hospital stay are in the coverage of the Medicare advantage plans. The new amendment of the Medicare advantage plans has the up gradation of facilities regarding prescribed drugs, abroad treatments. The essential tests and observational stay in the hospital are also the part of the new amendments.

Essential formalities:

The plans of the Medicare are quite strict about the regulations and formalities regarding the plans. The proper original and attested documents with complete proof of hospital bills are the mandatory requirements. The proper payment of premiums and age proof of the patients are integral needs of the Medicare plans.

Medicare Advantage Plans: The Plans to Provide You Relief from All Problems

The senior citizens in the present times are mostly asking for the Plan F or Plan J during selection of Medicare Advantage plans. The main reason behind this is, that these plans cover almost all the gaps that that other regular plans do not cover. There are some other new plans too that have come into the market. Many new agencies do not provide these new plans. You need to search for the plan that suits your needs in the best possible manner. The Plan D covers the prescription drugs, which is in high demand among the people.

Comprehensive plan-

The Plan J, is really comprehensive in nature. It is also a little more expensive than the other plans. The plan, covers all the requirements of the senior citizens. The Plan J, covers different basic benefits as well as insurance covering work of the nurses.  The plan, also accounts for emergencies where one may need to travel to foreign lands for treatment. Complete treatment for recovery at home is also taken care of by the Plan J. It is a really win-win situation for all the people choosing this for themselves.

All covering plan

You need to understand that Medicare Advantage plans, does not only cover some wellness checkups like ordinary plans. The Plan J is such a plan that will be paying benefits for prevention of accidents. The fact that, you can recover at your home taking the services of a physiotherapist, is also covered under this plan. The senior citizens, who wish to have a hassle free treatment, mostly choose this plan. The plan F is also chosen by a large number of people as it provides coverage from most of the gaps left behind by the regular insurance. The cost of care taken by physiotherapist at home is not covered under this plan.

Loads of options

The senior citizens who are on a tight budget but wish to avail almost all the facilities usually go for the plan F. There are plenty of Medicare Advantage plans available in the market and you can choose accordingly. There are many comprehensive plans that can provide many benefits. There are carriers offering great deductible plans too. The most through insurance plans are however provided by the J and F plans. There are some great insurance agencies which can provide you requisite information as well aid you in making the correct choice.

Medicare Supplement Plans: The Different Kinds of Plans Discussed Here For You

The Medicare Supplement plans, found at have remained quite unchanged since the last two decades. In the year 2010 however two new plans in the names of M and N were introduced for the people. In this article, you will find information regarding these two new plans. You will also come to know about the kind of coverage that they provide you. These new plans can provide great quality alternative to the supplements that are already present in the market. Lots of changes are supposed to come in this sector. Hence these plans have already becoming popular among the people.

Plan M

The Plan M, makes use of the cost sharing method for keeping the premiums low. You will be paying a little low monthly premium, the Medicare in Part A will be spilt by half with the insurance company. The concerned insurance company will pay half the amount and you will be paying the other half. The plan M however does not cover the Part B plans even a little bit. The different analysts, have to say that this plan’s premium will be lower than that of the current plan by about 15%.

Plan N

The Plan N just like the Plan M, also makes use of the cost sharing method to reduce your premiums. Deductible sharing method is not used here rather than that, a method of copayment is undertaken here. The cost of a doctor’s visit as well as the emergency room visits are covered by this plan. Different analysts have to say that this copayment system would be lowering the premiums by about 30% in comparison to the existing Plan F. The Medicare Supplement plans, are therefore the future of medical plans for the senior citizens.

The new plans, are especially useful for those who had to come out of their regular plans by compulsion or choice. The Medicare Supplement plans, have accommodated the new plans quite seamlessly. You need to compare the merits of the new plans with your existing plans and then go for the change, if required. You need to take into account the kind of coverage being offered here. There are lots of sites on the internet which can do the detailed comparison for you. In this way it will become easier for you to decide, whether you want the new plan or not. Your zip code as well as age will determine what is best for you.

Happy 65th Birthday

Congrats! You’re going to turn 65! This is a big turning point in your life. You are going to become qualified for Medicare. Presently what? What does Medicare cover? What doesn’t it cover? Do you get a Medicare Supplement and a medicine design (Medicare Part D), or do you get a Medicare Advantage design.


What is a Medicare Supplement?


A Supplement is private insurance. It will pay AFTER Medicare. Contingent upon the arrangement that you get, it can cover the Part A Deductible, the Part B Deductible, the 20% that Medicare does not cover, the Part B Excess charges, Emergency Foreign Travel, Skilled Nursing, At Home Recovery and Preventive Care not typically secured, with the exception of in restricted conditions. A supplement does not cover medicines. Remedies are secured under a different arrangement (Medicare Part D), which is given through private insurance organizations. Supplements are institutionalized by the Federal Government. They are lettered A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N. Each institutionalized Medigap arrangement must offer a similar fundamental benefits regardless of which insurance company offers it. Cost is normally the main difference between Medigap arrangements with a similar letter sold by different insurance organizations. Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 will be acknowledged by any doctor or hospital that acknowledges Medicare.


What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?


A Medicare Advantage Plan is a Private Health Plan keep running by a private insurance company approved by Medicare. It isn’t a Supplement. They give your Part An and Part B coverage, however can charge different sums for specific administrations. They may offer additional coverage and a few designs offer medicine coverage. These designs pay INSTEAD of Medicare. They are now and then alluded to as Medicare Part C. Not all doctors and hospitals that acknowledge Medicare will acknowledge all Advantage Plans, so you should be cautious, and check with your neighborhood doctor or hospital.


All in all, what is the best decision? That all relies upon your specific circumstance and spending plan. The best activity is to consult with an “autonomous” insurance agent that represents considerable authority in Medicare items. He can investigate your circumstance, clarify the points of interest of every one of your alternatives, and enable you to locate the best arrangement for your circumstance and spending plan.

What are the parts of Medicare

Since Medicare Insurance was created, it has only had one mission and is to help others to stay healthy without having to worry about the expenses that this entails. With the comfortable payment premiums that it offers to retirees, disabled people and also those who simply want to have insurance, Medicare supports you in those situations that give you the most worries.

However, this is not done by some divine magic but it is achieved through a series of plans or parts that have been developing little by little. With the passing of time, Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 has been able to manage them to improve their services to the public and give them a much broader coverage than they could ever be.

The first of these plans is Part A. This is the main one that is included when you purchase Medicare Insurance. Part A is said as it covers or that an insurance must cover, it is the most basic thing that there is but it is also the part that is most used at the moment of facing a health emergency.

Part A of Medicare Insurance refers, above all, to hospital insurance. It covers the hospitalization in the hospital and everything that this entails. Pay for the stay and also the nursing service. And in case you should be in a nursing home either long-term or nurses, you will also be responsible. Finally, it also covers what the blood bank is in case it should be purchased.

For its part, Plan B covers everything that Part A does not. This means that here all exams and payment to specialists and doctors who come to you during your stay at the Hospital. Here all the exams that you can imagine are included, except those of sight for lenses, dentist and aesthetic surgeries.

Even so, part B does not only use it during emergencies but also during any preventive exam that you have to perform. Whether to find out if you have cancer or diabetes or to perform routine exams, Medicare Insurance will be responsible and will cover the costs that this entails. Normally, part B comes once in Original Medicare, however, make sure you have it included.

On the other hand, part C is also known as Medicare Advantage. Here you are already entering a much broader plan filled with more benefits than Original Medicare has for you. It is provided by private institutions and here the coverage extends to dental, aesthetic and visual services so you can make your glasses so you can read quietly.

Finally, part D is related to medications. Medicare Insurance can help you cover the costs of the drugs the doctor has sent you. So it is much easier to afford everything. You can add this plan to Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage without any problems.

You already know all the plans that Medicare brings for you so you can choose quietly, knowing that you will be protected and supported.

Medicare Supplement Plans – How To Get Maximum Coverage

One decision that confuses most seniors after retirement is choosing the right Medicare plans. After enrolling into Medicare part A and B you need a good Medicare supplement plan. If you decide to only stay with your original Medicare there are deductible and copayments you have to deal with. It can cost you thousands of dollars every year to cover your medical expenses. Medicare supplement plans can help you save a lot of money.

 How Much Does A Supplement Plan Cost?

It depends on your provider, the type of plan you choose and your location. But averagely a Medicare supplement plan cost between $50 to a few hundred dollars every month.


To get the most from your original Medicare it is necessary to choose a Medicare supplement plan that meets your health care needs. It is important that you conduct proper research before choosing any plan or company. 10 plans standard plan are available to choose from, from Plan A – N. Each plan with the exception of 3 states offers the same benefits nationwide. When you find a plan that suits your needs, you then compare the premium prices from different providers in your state.


You should choose a plan based on your health care needs not because the companies said their service is the best. Some providers offer foreign coverage while others don’t, your decision should be based on your requirements. The more benefits you get from any company the more the premium costs.

With all the benefits that come with Cigna medicare supplement, there is no drug coverage. You need to purchase Medicare Part D to cover your drug prescriptions.


After enrolling into original Medicare you have the option to enroll into either Medicare advantage or Medicare supplement plan. Medicare advantage covers Medicare Part A and Part B, sometimes also may cover part D for drug prescriptions.


Benefits Of Medicare Advantage.


* They offer all-in-one coverage.

* There are less premium costs. It’s less than that of Medicare supplement plans and out of pocket you’ll pay for part D when combined.

* Medicare advantage can cover health problems that are not covered in original Medicare, such as vision, dental care, and hearing.


The Cons Of Medicare Advantage.


* There are restrictions on hospital and doctor visits. you may have to visit only facilities in their network.

* If you want to visit a doctor or hospital out of their network, the cost is 100% on you.

* Any time you get medical treatment there is copayment.

Depending on your health care needs you should take time and compare between the plans, compare both Medicare advantage Vs Medicare supplement plans and original Medicare part A, B & D. If you have your own doctors you have to make sure they’re in your providers’ network before enrolling into any Medicare advantage plan.


You can’t enroll into both Medicare advantage and Medicare supplement at the same time. You should weight the benefits of each separately before buying any plan.


It’s not going be easy at the beginning but once you understand how the whole system works and the type of service each and every one of them offers, then things are going become easier for you if you know your health needs. There are lots of tools online that can help you to make a good comparison. Use tools from the official Medicare website or nonprofit organizations, it will take time but it’s worth it in the end. You should also seek advice from experts in your area to help you make the right decisions.


What Are Some Of The Common Mistakes Made My Mutual Fund Investors And How To Avoid Them

Unlike Stock Markets which involve direct investment on a stock offered by the company, mutual funds pool money from other investors which is invested in stocks, bonds and other multiple assets. Mutual fund money managers who have control to monitor the investments and have a task to gain profit for the investors on their money handle after the money is invested.

Mutual funds are more stable forms of investments but they must also be carefully read and researched about, before taking a decision to go with a particular scheme. A first – time investor into mutual funds is bound to make many mistakes and here, we break them down so that you do not commit the same:

  • Mutual Funds are not for short – term gains

Do not plan to step into this form of investment if you are looking for gains anywhere within the next three years. Be prepared for the difficulties in the market and do not take a decision to invest just because the market might be going strong.

In fact, it is advised to invest when the market is low so that the chances of gains are more when it lifts up.

  • Do not over – diversify

Diversification is often seen as a top strategy to reduce risks. That works largely for stock trading but not necessarily for Mutual Fund Investments. Incorporating too many schemes in your portfolio will only make it difficult to follow – up and handle them. It is advisable to hand – pick few schemes that exposes to the greater pie in the market.

  • Recognize Risk Profiles

It is extremely vital to review the scheme for its past performances before it is bought. Even if the fund shows a track record of being successful in returning the investments with profits, it is important to ask and find out how.

Has the fund manager been investing surplus in a single sector and then gained that profit? What if the sector falls in the upcoming months? On the whole, how has he allocated funds and how is he getting the profits? Is it the best way out there to ensure minimum risk? Answer these questions in detail before completing the injection of funds.

Also, systematic investment option is the best way to go about, rather than investing lump sums that increases the impact on the money if the market slips. After all the investments, it is necessary to review the portfolio in set periods. This is something which majority fail to do. As a result, the gains become more uncertain as to whether or not it will serve the purpose.

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Choosing the Medicare Coverage

There are 2 fundamental approaches to choose your Medicare coverage i.e. Original Medicare (Part A and B) or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). A few people get extra coverage, similar to Medicare prescription drug coverage or Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap). Keep reading this article and know how to choose the right Medicare coverage.

First, choose between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plan:

·        Original Medicare:

Original Medicare is actually a part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance). The coverage is provided by Medicare and an individual have a choice of choosing hospitals, doctors and different suppliers that accept Medicare.

In 2018, the amount of standard Part B premium is $134 (or higher relying upon your salary). A few people who get Social Security benefits pay not as much as this amount. Mostly, the individual has to pay a deductible and coinsurance for the services of part A and B. In case you purchase a Medicare Supplement plan (Medigap), your may have to pay some of these expenses.

·        Medicare Advantage Plan:

Medicare Advantage plan is also known as part C and it incorporates both Part A and Part B. The coverage is provided by the Private insurance agencies that are approved by Medicare. You generally have to pay a month to month premium for your MA Plan. You may pay a copayment or coinsurance for the services covered by the plan. Numerous MA plans offer vision, hearing, and dental coverage as well. Costs, additional coverage, and the regulations are different for each plan. The out-of-pocket costs are regularly lower in an MA plans. This choice and proved to be more financially savvy for you.

Then decide whether you want prescription drugs coverage:

In the event that you need doctor prescribed drugs coverage after choosing the Original Medicare plan then you should pick and join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan which is also known as part D. These plans are controlled by privately owned businesses approved by Medicare.

On the other hand, if you have chosen Medicare Advantage plan then the prescribed drugs coverage is offered by your MA plan and you should get it through your plan.

Decide whether you want supplemental coverage:

In case you chose original Medicare then you might need to get United Healthcare medicare supplement in order to help pay some of the social insurance costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, similar to copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. You can purchase a Medigap policy from a privately owned company.

However, if you have chosen Medicare Advantage Plan then your cost sharing is lower. You can’t utilize a supplemental coverage or a Medigap policy in case you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan.

A few other choices:

Along with the Original Medicare or the Medicare Advantage Plan, you can also join different kinds of Medicare policies. You can spare cash or have different options on the off chance that you have restricted income and assets. You may likewise have other coverage, similar to union or employer, military, or veterans’ advantages.