Branding Your Blog For Success – Part 2


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The Psychology of ColorYesterday in our series “Building A More Successful Blog in 30 Days,” we covered part 1 of branding your blog for success.

We asked ourselves questions about our blog and our motives for blogging, as well as who our audience is and what unique things we can bring to the table.

Click here to read part 1 of Branding your blog for success, and decide what answers you can provide for each question.

In part 2, we forgoe all of the questions and focus on some things to consider when building your blog’s brand.

The Psychology Of Colors

When building your brand, the colors you choose to represent you, your blog, your logo, your business cards, etc., matter to your readers.  They matter because different colors evoke different responses within the human brain.

Choosing the wrong color for your brand could have a disasterous effect on the success of your blog.

An article written in February’s issue of Website Magazine by Peter Prestipino had this to say about the following colors:


Red is considered to be an emotionally intense color.  While red is commonly associated with danger, it is also used to stimulate people to make quick decisions.  Red is highly visible, so using it to bring text and images to the forefront makes it a perfect color for “buy now” or “add-to-cart” buttons.


While not as aggressive as red, orange is also a highly visible color, ideal for calling attention to or highlighting the most important elements of a design, without causing stress.


Yellow produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity, and generates muscle energy.  Use yellow to evoke pleasant, uplifting feelings.  You can choose yellow to promote children’s products and items related to leisure.  Use yellow carefully however, as a dull yellow represents caution.


Green is the color of nature – symbolizing growth, harmony, and fertility.  Green has a strong emotional link with safety and is considered to be the most restful color for the human eye.  Green suggests stability and endurance, making it a viable choice for medical-related design.


Blue, often associated with stability, symbolizes trust, wisdom, and confidence.  Blue has been shown to produce a calming effect and is often used to promote products and services related to cleanliness.  More accepted by males than females, it is a preferred color for corporate America.


Black typically carries a negative connotation but carries with it a feeling of perspective and depth.  Strength and authority are also attributed to black.  Although black backgrounds diminish readability, combined with other intensive colors such as red, they remain aggressive and unique, good for attracting a risk-taking mindset.

Choosing The Right Blog Theme

Choosing the right blog theme is also another important aspect of creating the brand you want to portray.

Is your theme artsy?  How about professional/sophisticated?

Depending on your niche and the target audience you’re trying to reach, you have a plethora of options to choose from when deciding on the style of your theme.

I run a successful website design and development company and when I sit down with a client to discuss the direction for their website, I give them a selection of multiple choice categories to help them choose a website style.

  • Corporate/Professional
  • Classic/Elegant
  • Colorful/Bright
  • Pastel/Soft
  • For Children/Family
  • Hi-Tech
  • Warm/Friendly
  • Cool/Clean

Depending on what combination the client chooses, it sets a whole different feel for their specific brand.

What Does Your Logo Say About You?

Your logo should mimic your blog’s colors and style.  It should also talk to your readers.

When you see Nike’s swoosh, you see things.  Your mind takes you places.  It tells you that anything is possible and to “just do it”, no matter what.

Just as the swoosh talks to you, just as it has a creative story to tell, so should your logo.

Your logo should be able to tell your readers what your blog is about in a simple, yet creative way.

Look at my logo for example.  Obviously it’s about me, because it contains my name.  But it also contains a dollor sign interwoven with the 2 S’s of my name.  It says, this person talks money.  It says this person talks money on the web.  And it says, if I’m interested in making money on the web, maybe I should find out what he has to say.

What does your logo say about you and your brand?

The Image Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

The images you add to each of your blog posts, and the pictures you show on your social media profiles also speak words to your readers about your brand.

If you put cartoons in your blog posts rather than professional photographs, could that be taken as meaning this person does this as a hobby, not a profession.  Would your readers think less of your blog because they don’t see it as a legit business?

What about your social media profiles?  What picture do you use for yourself?  Is it a cartoon?  Does it show your readers that you’re not confident enough about yourself to show a real picture?

Are you choosing an avatar because you saw someone else doing it?

If you want to be professional and taken seriously, provide your readers with a professional photo.  If you want your brand to be fun and spontaneous, give them and avatar.

Neither one is bad, except if it goes against the brand you’re trying to portray.

Let’s Hear What You Have To Say

I can write article after article on building a successful brand for your blog, but it has to end somewhere right?

At what point do you say I’ve reached the end and I’m done maximizing everything that affects my brand?

You don’t!

Keep learning, keeping changing, and keep affecting every small detail in relation to you and your brand.  The most successful brands never stop changing and evolving with time.

In what ways do you affect your blog’s brand?  Is it in the interaction with others?  What about how your portray yourself as an authority or a newbie?

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  • Reply » blinkky April 20, 2009

    Sometimes, there’s people who like to visit dark color blog and there’s also people who like to visit blog that has bright color. Hmmm….you decide it…=)

  • Reply » Bati April 20, 2009

    Really a good post.Color decide by blogger but effect visitor.Hope to see part 3 to learn more.

  • Reply » Eric Werner April 20, 2009

    Excellent post in general, brings back to the forefront some ideas that get covered fairly seldom among bloggers.

    I especially like the point you make at the end – how do you portray yourself? When I first started blogging I would tell everyone that I had a little blog that I was working on or that it was still a work in progress.

    What I started to realize pretty quick was that if you’re talking to someone who doesn’t have a blog at all you are far enough ahead of them on the curve that you don’t need to point out the shortcomings of your site. Another neat thing to remember for a new blogger is that nobody can look at your blog and tell that it isn’t getting traffic yet. If you treat your blog like a professional project nobody who looks at it will think differently.

  • Reply » Ashley April 20, 2009

    I love this post. Will there be a part 3?

  • Reply » Laura April 21, 2009

    This is a great post. Hits home for this blog (whatever). I have been so busy, that I have not really worked on the color. I know how important that is. I would not let that happen to my online store. I need to get crackin here :)

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