Branding Your Blog For Success – Part 1


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Building Your Blog BrandWhether you want it to or not, your blog will develop a specific brand.  The question remains as to whether you want to effect how that brand develops or let it happen by itself.

If becoming successful online is your goal, then you’re going to want to help guide that brand in the direction you want it to become.

Some bloggers don’t work at developing their brand and in return they are left with a brand they don’t want, and often one that is weak.

Luckily, there are some questions you can answer and some ideas to think about and affect in order to help boost your brand into something big and powerful.

Who are you?

Readers like to know about the author.  An important part of your brand identity is all about who you are.

Some bloggers like to only tell who they are softly as they write each blog post, while others are up-front and direct.  These types of bloggers usually have a very informative “About Page” that gives their readers detailed information about their story.

The most successful of bloggers all have “About Pages”.  Today’s readers don’t like to be left in the dark.  They want transparency, and in order to give them that and to build a sense of friendship and trust, creating an About Page is very important in developing your brand.

What is your blog about?

What is the theme of your blog? What is your message? Do you have a mission statement? What can people expect to see there? What are your major categories? Is your focus broad or narrow? What medium do you use: words, music, video, images, all of the above? What is the culture, style, and feeling you want on your blog? Does your blog clearly communicate this or is your site confusing to your readers?

By focusing on these questions, you can really focus on providing the right kind of message to your readers.  Just because you know what your blog is about, that doesn’t mean they will without a strong communication of it to them.

Why does your blog exist?

This is a question that many bloggers don’t like to address.  And when they do, they often mis-represent the truth.

So many times we read on other blogs that if you’re only blogging for the money, you don’t need to be blogging.  But in actuality, most bloggers are only doing it for the money.

It’s not a bad thing, and I think the impression that you shouldn’t be blogging only for money is one that is mis-understood.

What is meant to be said is; you shouldn’t be blogging only for the money.  In other words, if you are blogging about a popular topic that you have no interest in, only for the money it can make, you probably shouldn’t be doing that.  But if you are blogging about a topic you’re very passionate about, and your main reason is because it will make you a great deal of cash, then that’s okay.

Be truthful about why your blog exists.  You don’t have to directly tell others why it exists, but if you really sit down and think about why you’re blogging, it will help develop your direction and your brand.

How does your blog work?

This question is focused on your schedule and how you run the blog.  Do you have a set time every day that you put out a new post?  Do you host regular giveaways and contests?  Do you have a specific schedule for how many giveaways you do at one time, and what part of the month or year you host your giveaways?

Specifics like this may be tedious and you may think it’s a waste of time to plan rather than simply winging it, but just like running any successful business, you need a plan.

Who is your audience?

The specifics about who you want to read your blog help a lot in building your brand.  It also decides where your marketing efforts need to be targeted for best results.

If you’re blog niche is about parenting, you wouldn’t jump onto a “Make Money Online” forum in order to increase your brands identity.

But if you were blogging about “Making Money Online” you might jump onto a mommy bloggers forum to increase your brand.  Mommies are just as interested in making money online as anyone.  Especially stay at home moms.

So you’re target audience is very important in who you can market to, where they spend their time on the web, and other key factors that influence your brand.

What makes your blog unique?

This is probably the biggest question you can ask yourself about your blog and your brand.

Problogger, Shoemoney, and John Chow all are blogs within the same niche, yet they all bring something unique to the table.

Problogger has his job board, Shoemoney his tools and that famous adsense check, and John Chow his love for taking pictures of his food (and his evilness).

These unique differences are what sets them apart from everyone else, and really puts a different focus on each blog as something totally separate from each other, even though they write about much of the same things.

The more unique things you can provide with your blog, the more successful your brand will become.

Things To Consider

Join me back here tomorrow for a look at things to consider when branding your blog for success.

We’ll discuss the psychology of colors, your blog’s theme, your logo, how you interact with others, and much more.

What other questions do you ask yourself to better develop your blog’s brand?

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