5 Tips To Keep You From Losing Control Of Your Blog


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You can probably remember back to when you started blogging.  The excitement you felt at getting your thoughts out on your own website, or the nervousness of beginning a long journey to making money from your content.

While that excitement is great, and you hope it lasts the rest of your life, you don’t want to let it cause you to lose control of your blog, especially if you are interested in running it as a business.

Losing control can be one of the most dangerous things you encounter when blogging, and if you’re not careful, you lose control without even realizing it.

Here are 5 tips to help you maintain control of your blog, and keep you on the pathway to becoming successful:

1. Stay Calm

Just because the top bloggers in your niche are kicking out a post 2-3 times a day, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same to become successful. In fact, many very successful bloggers sometimes only post 1 article per week. Yaro Starak, for example, skips many days at a time on occasion.

As long as you’re putting out great content and building your community effectively, it really doesn’t matter how often you post, as long as it’s consistent.

So stay calm.

It doesn’t matter that you’re running behind on getting a post out at exactly 8:00 am.  Your readers will still see the post.  It also doesn’t matter that some of your Twitter followers didn’t see that tweet about your latest blog post. You don’t have to tweet it 5 times to make sure.  In fact, sending that many tweets about the same thing could actually have a negative effect on you and the trust others have in you.

2. Limit Yourself

Don’t think you have to spend 24 hours a day writing content, marketing it, or building your community.  If you’re spending that much time on your blog, your time management skills need to change.

Everything you need to do in a day for building your blog can be done in a short amount of time with the correct time management methods.

Spending too much time on your blog can also burn you out.  Then before you realize it, you’ve stopped blogging altogether, and that doesn’t make for a very effective business model.

3. Get Rid of Distractions

Those distractions you experience when writing an article, like answering emails, responding to someone on Facebook, or retweeting a great Twitter message, effect not only your quality of work, but also delay the time it takes you to get an article published.

The best thing you can do is to focus on one thing at a time, and make sure you’re completely finished with the task at hand before moving onto another.  Make a list in order of importance if you have to.

Making a list also helps keep you on track with what you need to get done.  Whereas working haphazardly with no real direction can cause you to focus on things that have absolutely nothing to do with your blog.

4. Incorporate One Affiliate Program At A Time

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen among other bloggers interested in making money online is signing up for every affiliate network they can find all at one time and trying to implement them.

The best advice I can give you is to pick one affiliate network you want to work with, and really take the time to maximize it’s effectiveness to fit you and your blog.  Then move on to another.

Taking this approach keeps you from being overwhelmed, which is a major factor in many bloggers giving up altogether.

5. You Decide

Now, it’s your turn.  I’d like to hear your experiences that have caused you to either temporarily or permanently lose control.  Leave me a comment, letting me know.

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Leave a Comment »2 Comments
  • Reply » Alan Nielsen January 12, 2010

    I prepare some blog posts days before I post them. I have a Monday Recap of my week, so as something happens I write it into my blog and save the draft for when it’s ready. That way I don’t have to think about it on Sunday night.

  • Reply » Justus May 12, 2011

    Walking in the pesernce of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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