11 Safety tips for seniors

As we have seen, fall-related injuries can be mortal for seniors. Once we have identified what can cause them, we should know how to prevent them. There are certain actions we can take in order to prevent accidents and things we should take into consideration if we want to be safe anytime, no matter where we are, because falling is not the only thing that is dangerous. Today we will share with you 11 safety tips for seniors so you can be safe all the time.

  1. Use a walking stick. If you have trouble with balance or stability while walking by yourself, if you find yourself holding on to furniture to avoid falling while walking or if it is hard for you to walk up and/or down the stairs, you should probably consider using a walking stick.
  2. Do not walk over icy or wet surfaces. This can be difficult during winter, but try to avoid as much as you can walking over icy or wet floor, especially if you are walking alone.
  3. Check your home before leaving. If you are going out and you are leaving you house alone, remember to check before leaving. Do not leave your kitchen or oven on; make sure there are no candles burning as well as the fireplace. Also, do not leave your dryer running and disconnect things like chargers or your iron.
  4. Avoid driving at night and have your car served periodically. If you own a car, this is a very important safety tip for seniors. Avoid driving during the nighttime, and if you have to, avoid doing it alone. Also, make sure to have your car served periodically so everything works correctly. And do not forget to use the seat belt! Remember this will not only protect you on the road, but others too.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings. When you are outside, try to be aware of what is happening around you. Avoid napping during bus or taxi rides and keep an eye on your belongings.
  6. Be careful with strangers. Although most people in the street are very helpful and kind with the elderly, some of them may try to take advantage of you. Do not accept help from strangers at ATMs, do not share personal information with them and do not let them go into your house.
  7. Avoid going out alone during the night. If you are going out at night, ask someone to go with you, maybe a friend or family member. This way you will be safer.
  8. Be careful with food. Remember to check expiration dates of foods before consuming them. Wash your hands before cooking and clean vegetables or fruits that you are going to consume. Also, cook well meats, chicken and pork, and remember to avoid the foods your doctor tells you or the ones that can interact with any medication you are taking.
  9. Be aware of scam artists. Seniors are a frequent target of scam artists, so be careful on the street when people approach you and avoid giving personal information, like bank accounts or your social security number, through the phone or by email.
  10. Check your bank accounts. Try to check your bank accounts and credit reports regularly. Look for any suspicious transactions or mistakes and contact your bank if you found an error or if you think someone else is using your accounts.
  11. Be careful with the medicines you are taking. This one is an important safety tip for seniors because they usually take multiple medications. Do not forget to take your medications as your doctor indicates. Take medicine in the exact amount and on the same schedule as prescribed, do not take more or less than that. Ask your doctor any doubt you have and inform him if you are taking any other medicine, in case there could be an interaction. Avoid consuming alcohol unless your doctor says it’s okay.

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